When Anne asks her friend Sophia to help her with a research project in a Belgian forest, she accidentally stumbled upon a nearby abandoned glue factory. The atrocities that took place here a century ago continue to haunt her.



When Sophia was 20 she got a daughter with her then boyfriend. When the daughter of the couple was 4 years old, she got involved in an accident. This event has had a major impact on Sophia’s life. Despite everything, Sophia is fighting for her future and remains optimistic. She runs a renowned therapy practice and she plans to expand her services with play therapie, aimed at children.


Anne is a close friend of Sophia. The two met each other several years ago, at a safe house for young mothers. Sophia worked there as a therapist. She helped Anne building up her life again and at a certain moment, Anne decided to resume her studies in biology. She is now busy with her master’s thesis for which she needs to go to a forrest in Belgium. She asked Sophia to join her.



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Directed by: Andrew van der Ven
Scenario: Andrew van der Ven, Mitchell van Vuren, Julia Wiggers
Production: Tim van der Ven

Suspense-horror, drama

Film shooting: Q1 2019
Projected release date: Q4 2019

Technical information
Running time: 80 minutes
Language: English, Dutch
Aspect ration: 2,39:1 (scope)
Delivery: DCI, color

Production company
Animæ Films BV

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