The Last Shot

Directed by: Andrew van der Ven
Written by: Andrew van der Ven

Tony is a 75 year old and loves photography. But he is also a widower. In his metres of film archive, he is looking for that one image, that one photograph or that piece of film, which represents his wife. It's not easy, though, with all the analogue material. Moreover, some of the material is damaged by flooding and age. Will Tony manage to find that last shot?

The Last Shot is a film about the value of images and the power it can give people in difficult times. It can help close gaps in the memory. But what if we rely too heavily on images and those images turn out to be vulnerable? What if images fade away both in our minds and physically?
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The Last Shot Stills_1.58.1
The Last Shot is still in pre-production. We have almost finished developing this film after which it will be distributed.