A podcast series by Andrew van der Ven and Elmar ten Kate
The Hague. September 2007. A group of young film makers want to use film as a medium to communicate a major social problem to the public. This film was given the title “Illegaal Verliefd” (Illegally in Love), a love story between a so-called undocumented young woman and a forbidden love.

Soon, the story was embraced by some well-known actors who got prominent roles in the film. It had to be great. The small film project became a real feature film. But that did not happen without a struggle. In fact, the film was never finished and at some point in 2010, the project was abandoned. Nevertheless, we continued to build on the experience of this production. The result: 15 years of ups and downs, extreme highs and deep lows. But all in all, it provided many new experiences.

A mirophone
In this podcast, Andrew van der Ven and Elmar ten Kate take you through their adventures as filmmakers over the past 15 years. Available soon!