A film by: Andrew van der Ven
With: Kevin Felter et. al.

In the documentary film Brindo, we go in search of the hidden Indo-European background of Indo-Europeans living in the city of Breda.


Research into the Indonesian culture in the Netherlands is very urgent and topical. The first generation is rapidly disappearing. Because of the wish to let the past rest, the story has never been passed on to later generations. Only in recent years has the younger generation felt the urge to seek an answer to the question: where do I come from?

Three participants will do their own genealogical research and discover more and more about their own history. For this research, databases of, among others, the National Archives in The Hague and various archives with Dutch-Indian material are combined. Through this documentary, we cast an innovative eye on genealogical research and encourage other “Indo's” to do their own research.

Three woman in parking garage
Man laughing

Brindo will be released in 2022!

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