Animæ is an independent feature and short film production company. It is our ambition to deliver a positive contribution to society through the art of film. From our film studio in The Hague (The Netherlands), we create films from our own crafted stories that we love to share with the whole world.

Because film is more than special effects and big name casts. Film is not about pretty pictures or marketing mumbo jumbo. Film is about the story. A story that is urgent and honest. We believe that film is like a mirror that we sometimes proudly want to hold up to ourselves, sometimes want to hide away, but it always reflects who we are no matter what.

Where can you find our films? Ideally in as many places as possible! Our films appear at film festivals worldwide. A trend in recent years is that films are increasingly distributed via Video on Demand platforms (VODs). We therefore work together with these parties to distribute our films via VODs. The websites of our films show where they can be seen.

We're in The Hague

Animæ Films
MOOOF Building
Saturnusstraat 9
2516 AD The Hague
The Netherlands

And in Europe

We like to cooperate with our friends all over Europe. And our European circle of friends can still grow, of course. That is why we are members of the B.Creative Network. You can also find us at various European events related to film. Are you somewhere in Europe and would you like to become our friend? Send us a message or check out our Europe Information Page.

Flag of Europe

Andrew van der Ven
Film maker

Rosanne van Heck

Francesca Vincentie
Music composer

Elmar ten Kate
Cinematographer, editor, storyboarder

Gregory A. Kiss
Film maker

Marc Smith

Tim van der Ven

Yorick Sedee
Sound designer

Laura Fergus

Green film making

We care about our planet. We don't use energy-hungry lamps, we don't use disposable batteries, we don't waste fossil energy and we drive electric. We make our films in a sustainable way, according to the guidelines of the Green Film Making initiative.

WANT TO join?

We are not hiring...
But we are looking for collabs all around Europe. Sends us an e-mail!