Our Privacy Statement is very clear: we don't care who you are.


We built this website to inform and entertain our audience, not to steal their privacy. Therefore, we don't use any cookies. They are not good for your health anyway. We don't use a server-side content management system so there is no database holding data. Our website is built locally and uploaded to a “Content Delivery Network“. We don't use Google Analytics, we don't even know how that stuff works. And we don't care. All we want is to make films.


There is, however, a small side note to this story. Our website do make use of some external services. For example, is our webform provider. And we do use some fonts that are hosted and made by Google. Unfortunately, we do not know what information these services store. You will need to contact these services to make sure what information they hold. But we have done our best to provide you with a worry-free internet experience. That is a clear story.