15 Years of Storytelling

In fact, we have been around for more than 15 years. The name Animæ has been used since 2006. For a while it disappeared, but soon it came back. A turbulent 15 years in which a lot has been made and just as much thrown away. We have met many people and many have left the film industry. We started with analogue video tapes but soon experienced the rise of digital media. We have seen social media grow into what it is today. The film industry is changing just as fast. What are we looking forward to most now? The next 15 years!


What will 2023 bring us?

For more than 15 years, we have been working like crazy. Non-stop. There is not a single year in which Animæ, or a sister company, has not produced anything. In the past year, we have increased production because we have dozens of ideas lying on the shelf waiting to be filmed. In 2023, we will continue with the ten shorts we have been working on since 2021. But who knows what else 2023 will bring us?


We are pulling out all the stops

This year Animæ goes full steam ahead. Ten new shorts are planned. About half of them will be shot this year: The Last Shot, A Night under Neon Light, Shadow Dance, Good Bye Esmeralda and de documentary film Brindo.


Post-production and a small premiere

All our energy and time goes into the post-production of Schim. Yet there is time for a small premiere: that of Summer Trains Leading Nowhere.


A difficult time for filmmakers

We all know what happened in 2020. Nevertheless, we continued the shooting of Schim. Of course with the necessary precautions.


Shady forest and train scenes

This is the year in which the shooting of Schim is in full swing. This is also the year in which a new short film is being developed: Summer Train Leading Nowhere. A modern city symphony!


Premieres and a new feature

In 2018, Sunny Juliette and Chasing the Sun finally premiered. Immediately after the premiere, work began on developing a new feature film: Schim.


A short in short time

In the hustle and bustle of the new feature film, it is decided to shoot a new short film. A large part of the Sunny Juliette team is working on this film. Chasing the Sun will be the supporting film for Sunny Juliette.


Filming Sunny Juliette

Finally! After years of writing and pre-production. We went to Luxemburg to shoot our new feature film: Sunny Juliette.


Computer animation productions discontinued

After many years Animæ stops with computer animation. The focus shifts completely to so-called live-action productions. This does not mean the end of Animæ's non-live-action films. There are plans for a stop-motion film and an xr-film. And computer animation will still be used in combination with live-action images.


The first production under the new Animæ

Vast (Dutch for Stuck) is the first short film of the new Animæ. This mixed animated/live-action film is based on the book of the same name by Oliver Jeffers. The music has been composed by Ger van Dijk.


A new identity

Animæ is planning to produce feature films again. But to get there, a lot has to happen first. In the meantime, some short films are being produced.


Start of Animæ renaissance: Founder Andrew van der Ven leaves Sketches from Heaven

Andrew van der Ven decides to focus on films again. As a result, he is leaving Sketches from Heaven to continue his film production work at Animæ.


New short film: Happy Birthday
Release of the new short film Happy Birthday, based on a story written by Spanish writer David Muñoz.

Many new customers
Sketches from Heaven continues to grow and attract more and more new customers. The clientele now includes ESA European Space Agency, Telegraaf Media Group and Spar.


Expansion of activities
Sketches from Heaven expands its activities while the activities at Animae are put on hold.

15years – sfh_logo_new_resultaat


Activities split-up

In 2009, a new company was founded: Sketches from Heaven. The new company focuses on the production of films and videos. Animæ continues to exist as a producer of animated films.

15years – backgroundXL_resultaat
15years – vistekaartjes_resultaat


Experiments with 3D Animation
Computer animation becomes more affordable as hardeware becomes cheaper and better. Animæ is experimenting with all kinds of forms of 3D animation. Also, the first customers are welcomed.


The first feature film

After many small, experimental films, 2007 is the time for a first, long feature film: Illegaal Verliefd. These two images show the casting call poster of the time.


The founding of Animæ

This photo is from April 2006. Founder Andrew van der Ven can be seen with what is possibly the first logo of Animæ. Andrew was 15 years old around this time.

What's in the name?

You may now wonder where the name Animæ actually comes from? Simple: during a Latin class Andrew had to read something from Horace. It contained the following sentence: animæ dimidium meæ, or: half of my soul. Andrew found the æ-sign in animæ particularly interesting because it is a sign that is not used in the Dutch language and gives a certain uniqueness to the name.


The name is often mispronounced as ANNIE-MAY. But the correct Latin pronunciation should be: A-NEE-MÀJ. By the way, the Animæans themselves do not always pronounce it correctly either.