Time to say goodbye, again

In a wicked turn of events, the owner of the MOOOF-building in The Hague decided to close down the entire building. The official letter of termination reached us on December 27th 2022, we had to leave the building on December 31st 2022(!). 


Luckily, the owner gave us a few more days to move all stuff. But it was a race against the clock still. No time for tears; the studio must be torn down within a week. Finally, after a week of hard work, there was nothing left. Except for a lot of great memories.

Not only are we leaving the building, we are also leaving the city of The Hague. The city were Animæ was founded, more than 15 years ago. Thank you MOOOF, thank you The Hague. We are saying hello to a new chapter in a new city: Dordrecht!