Shooting Schim: running around in an abandoned slaughterhouse

For the second half of Schim, we went to Haarlem. We made use of the many natural beauties that Haarlem has to offer. The highlight was perhaps the abandoned slaughterhouse where no human has been seen for decades.
In the film, the slaughterhouse is the place where Sophia's past traumas suddenly come to life. As she tries to escape her traumas, she becomes increasingly entangled in a struggle with her cousin.
We would like to thank Mike and the other residents of the Slachthuisterrein for their co-operation. It was an amazing experience.
The slaughterhouse is a former public abattoir in Haarlem. The complex was opened in 1907 to meet the demand for meat from the region. Among other things, the meat of the animals slaughtered here was taken to the Vleeshal (Meat market) on the Grote Markt to be sold. In 1993, the slaughterhouse lost its function, but meat was still processed and distributed for a while. After that, the slaughterhouse stood empty for a long time and fell into disrepair.