Sophia in bed

Shooting Schim: from the forest to the Devil’s Mountain

Devilish scenes during the first week of Schim! Cast and crew have traveled to De Duivelsberg in Berg en Dal (Nijmegen) for the shooting of this new psychological thriller.
In the middle of the wooded valley stands what appears to be an abandoned cottage. The cottage is used as a vacation home by Sophia and her cousin Anne. But during their stay at the cottage they are haunted by the dark past.
In reality, De Duivelsberg is not only a beautiful place, but also an area where several myths and legends live:

Once upon a time in the distant past, witches were executed on this spot on top of De Duivelsberg. Guilty or innocent doesn't matter. There was something at that spot that called so straight through the forest I went there and the strange thing was that in this part of the forest people got lost and we walked to it in one go, the tension was rising and it was clearly noticeable. I felt something and there were some positive witches who wanted to come with me to their freedom. All is fine but we left the negative witches in the woods of De Duivelsberg.

* Source: The Ghost Hunter

After an intense week at De Duivelsberg, the team is getting ready for the second week of spinning. This will take place next year.