An Evening to Remember: the Première of Sunny Juliette

Flowers, champagne and lots of happy faces. Sunny Juliette premiered this evening. The Filmhuis Den Haag filled up with a large crowd. Makers, family of makers and friends saw how Juliette tried to solve a decades old murder mystery.


One evening, to premieres. Prior to Sunny Juliette, the short film Chasing the Sun was screened. The adventure around the problematic father of the family, Alexander, brought laughter and tears to the audience. Alexander's motives remain a bit of a mystery to our audience.

All in all, the premiere and the drinks that followed were a great success. The makers of Sunny Juliette and Chasing the Sun would like to thank all those present for coming. Thank you for a great evening and we see you next time at a new film!


Thanks to Jeroen van Wingen voor te beautiful photo's!