Shooting Sunny Juliette: Our first week in Luxembourg

After years of writing, rewriting, planning and even more writing, the time has finally come! Team Sunny Juliette has started the recordings for a new, exciting thriller that partly takes place in Luxembourg.


In this post, we give a little insight during the filming of Sunny Juliette!

Actress lies in a hole in the ground in a forest
Merle en Andrew op een Audi 80

The world of the filmmaker is not always rosy. This photo in which actress Marcelle Arriëns lies in a dark, cold pit in the ground proves that.

Sometimes you can't always stand where you want to stand. We then have to block the road to still get that one shot.
Shooting a scene in a driving car
The crew doesn't always have it easy either. In this shot we see Willen and Gabrielle driving through Luxembourg. The scene was shot in a 1981 Audi 80. The space in the back seat is very limited. Still, we managed to shoot the shot with a crew of three in the back.
Actress lies on a couch for a shot

A top view of a shoot at Willem's cottage. In this dialogue, Juliette settles down on the couch while Gabrielle looks at the cottage

A happy film crew on a bridge